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NBX Set List : La Luna, Branford, CT, August 31, 2012

SET 1 *First time

Stop Breakin Down Blues, *The Thrill is Gone, Second That Emtoion, West LA FadeAway (tech issues), Thats What Love Will Make You Do, Whats Goin On, Straight 8, Pink Houses, Goin To New Orleans >
Red Beans >
Ring of Fire >
Big River >
Movin on Up >
Big River, DeadFlowers

Set 2 w/ Jordan Giangreco (The Breakfast, Viral Sound, Branch Project)

Runnin Down A Dream, Dancin in the Streets >
Spanish Jam >
After Midnight >
Franklins Tower, Scarlet >
Eyes of the World >
Fire on the MT, Thats What Its All About>
E:*Cant Always Get What You Want >
I KNow You Rider