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RGB Set List : Country Tavern, December 3, 2011

*First Time
ˆBillly T on harp °Ken Donovan on bass ˆˆMike Levine on Electric

Set 1 -
ˆDark Star verse 1 (RG Acoustic) =>
ˆRunnin Down A Dream=>
Cold Rain And Snow=>
ˆ*Midnight Hour =>
ˆGood Lovin
Call Me The Breeze
ˆBrown Eyed Girl
ˆMinglewood Blues
Whats Goin On
°Amy =>
°Lovin Cup =>
°Uncle Johns Band => Jam (RG on Electric) >
°Dead Flowers
*°ˆˆLiquor and Whores (“Bubbles” from Trailer Park Boys Tune)=>
*°ˆˆWe Wish You A Merry Christmas =>
*°ˆˆRun Run Rudolph

Set 2 -
*Silent Night=>
Dark Star v2=>
Eyes of the World =>
Thats What Its All About=>
After Midnight=>
Franklins Tower =>
Got To Try A Little Harder=>
Not Fade Away=>
Last Time=>
Sympathy for the Devil
E: The Weight