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RGB is a Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia inspired classic rock jamband bringing a band stocked with some excellent, well-known musicians.
Their sets are quite groovin, often flowin’ from one song into the next, mixing standard jams with lots of free-flowing, improvisational jams. Playin’ lots of music by the likes of the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, and the music they covered, as well as Classic Rock, Motown, R & B, and Folk.

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Band Members:

RG – Guitar and Vocals

Guitarist Collective:
Chris Gilbransen, Jeff Bowen, Jim Eager, Jeff Martinson, Morgan Vincent, John Laviola, Dr. Paul Pasquaretta, David Curran

Bass Collective:
Dan Crea (The Garcia Project and Fennario, and others), Ralph Santoro (Sleeping Giant, The Slides), Tim Morse (Mountains of the Moon), Ken Donovan Jr (Brothers Donovan), and Jeff Bowen (Bear Bones/Legion of Jerry)

Drummer Collective:
Chris Andrews, Brian Konopka (Dead Show,Legion of Jerry,Marks Brothers), Emmett Hale (The Neybahs), Jay Schilling, Johnny Chang (Shakedown Street), and Jason Hoyt

Keys and Organ Collective:
Jordan Giangreco (Jammy Winning, The Breakfast and currently Viral Sound)
Scott Guberman (Shakedown, Dizzy Fish, Dead Show,Illuminati,Vince Welnick band)